Friday, December 2, 2011

John Cherry Fin

I was in need of a seven inch fin that would loosen up the Egg. I did some research and determined that a seven inch Skip Frye would do the trick. The problem was you can't really buy a pre-made 7 inch Frye. This would have to be custom and if that's the case why stick with fiberglass. After more research I found John Cherry Wood Craft who makes custom wood fins. I was super stoked to find that John makes a marine plywood center box fin. After a couple of emails to John the job was on and here is the result. Stoke!

Function and aesthetics come together in this fin. The woodgrain and shape are beautiful while the flex characteristics make it super functional for the slight hull egg.

I'm itching to get in the water and try this combo out. I have a feeling this will blow my mind.

Below are two photos John email while in progress. I appreciated the communication I had with John while the fin was being made. When the fin was done he sent more photos with it installed in a board so I could see it in context. To keep up to date on John's work tune into his blog Cherry Surfboards Blog. 

Along with making custom fins John is a hell of a shaper. I particularly like his Simm-21 boards. Below is a pic from John's blog of his booth at Sacred Craft. The yellow and green boards are the Simm-21. The green one looks mighty fine, mighty fine indeed! 

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  1. I am really interested in the ride report on this fin setup. I am thinking of shaping a Greeno spoon kneelo hull with the tuna fin and side bites. It should be an insane board with more capability to go closer to vertical.

    1. I refer to this fin set up as a single fin with velcro. What I mean by that is the single fin makes a great pivot point while the bites help to hold the tail in the wave. It's not as flowie as a straight up single fin but you can push the tail a little harder like you would a thruster.