Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All the Fish!

The 2012 Fish Fry(e) was a roaring success with delicious waves, tasty winds, and more Fish than you could shake a spear at.

Kris putting pedal to metal.  You know he's serious when his hand never leaves the yogurt.

Chris Gentile of Pilgrim Surf & Supply, giving the Chicken Petter a shaka hood ornament.

Piles of keel fish, one of the original Mini Simmons, hand planes, even a Lightning Bolt.  Didn't get a picture of it but there was a fiberglass handplane that was one big deep concave and looked sick.

Petro of Faktion Surfboards, petting the Chicken.

 Todd of the Endless Bummer blog.  Love this brother.  He's like a stoke amplifier.

This Sunset stinger single fin ruled.  Gave me one of my favorite rides of the day. 

Enough geekery, time to get the Chicken Petter wet!  It did great in the 4' waves.  I felt like I was riding an antigravity skateboard.  Floaty, caught waves easy, rode loose, and just wanted to dance like James Brown.

Huge thanks to Tyler Breuer, Chris Gentile and SMASH Surf for organizing this event and all the other things they do to make surfing in NY more fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Body Whomp, Florida.

I recently took a trip to Florida to visit family. Whenever I'm down there I always go pay a visit to the place that started my love affair with the ocean. The conditions were really bad with lots onshore wind and a bad current. The waves had hardly any shoulder so a body whomp was the call for each day. The fun factor was way up!