Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get a Gath Helmet and look like an alien...

Or a G-Force/Voltron extra for anyone who still remembers those beloved after school cartoons. That and Robotech filled my early mornings and afternoons.

Enough with memory lane...I need something to protect the fried eyes from expiring with an extended bout of sun on the water. I thought about Kurtis shades but for the same price I could get a helmet with a crazy visor which also could be a mount for a go-pro camera.

Riding a mat I don't have a shield to block leashless boards zipping to shore so armoring the noggin' is appealing. That last head trauma (caused by a hatchet like action on the part of my own longboard) and ambulance to the er cost more that 2 c-notes, I seem to remember. The bumpy scar on my head agrees. I haven't pulled the trigger yet and may not but I like the idea of being a scary dork on the beach. Being a mat rider I guess that's a given anyway.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WAX Magazine

If you tell anyone, surfer or not, that you live in New York City and you're a surfer, most will look at you like you just told them you're from Mars. The truth is, Long Island and the Jersey Shore have a long surf history. Duke Kahanamoku brought surfing to the area in 1912.

There are surfers living and working in New York City. When I hit the home break at Rockaway, I always meet new and interesting people—artists, photographers, designers, lawyers, and filmmakers.

With all of these creative people running into each other in the lineup, at the surf shop, or during the occasional surf film night, a publication like WAX Magazine is bound to happen. WAX has a kickstarter campaign to help launch the first issue.

A little bit about WAX:
We are two graphic designers and a writer who all surf together. When at our local breaks, we found that many of the people we met were artists, architects, designers, and writers — often leaders in their fields. We wanted to create a publication that tells their stories and opens up a rich dialogue in the urban surf community. While there are many surf magazines out there, nothing deals directly with the unique community of surfers found here in New York City, and in other urban environments. 
We founded WAX to explore the unique intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around the city. We believe that beauty and meaning can be found on sidewalks, boardwalks, skyscrapers and beaches alike. In our pages, we hope to explore the rich history of New York surfing and to create pathways of cultural creativity both on and off the breaks.

No matter if your in New York or not help support independent surf culture. This is an idea which time has come. Let's make it happen!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Hand Plane Begins

Project hand plane is underway! I want something fat that will plane easily in small waves. 

Paulownia arrived earlier this week.

Cutting the blank.

The blank.

Creating a base to draw a template.

Okay I think that looks about right.

Drawing the template. 

Template transfered. 

The next step will be to cut this out and refine the shape. I still need to figure out the rocker and rails.
More soon. I may make the width a little thinner. 

The insporation for this craft is McCallum's L7 and Hydrodynamica's Golden Mean Machine

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lost in the Ether - Playing in NYC next Wednesday

Click here to get tickets:

Lost In the Ether
A film by Andrew Kidman
with Premiere of
Free Aloha
by Alex DePhillipo

New York, NY: SMASH (Surf / Movies / Art / Shaping / History) presents the NY Premiere of  "Lost in the Ether", a film by Andrew Kidman on Wednesday, February 15th, 8PM at Anthology Film Archives. "Lost in the Ether" is Andrew Kidman's fifth film and follows on from the exploration of surfboard design process that he began in "Glass Love". The main point of difference being that in this new film he focuses on particular designs, the shapers who create them, and the process they undertake.  The film is Andrew's  self-propelled quest to better understand surfboard design and it’s evolution. 
Featuring: Dave Parmenter, Michael "MP" Peterson, Wayne Lynch, Michael Mackie, Sage Joske, Simon Anderson, Terry Fitzgerald and more...
Along with "Lost in the Ether" is Alex DePhillipo's latest short film "Free Aloha", a beautiful cinematic overview of the 2011/12 North Shore winter.
Snacks and beverages provided by Barefoot Wine, Kind Healthy Snacks and VitaCoco.
Lost in the Ether will premiere in New York, Wednesday, February 15th, 7:30pm
Location: Anthology Film Archives 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003 On the corner of East 2nd Street & 2nd Ave.
Supported by Barefoot Wine, KIND Healthy Snacks, and VitaCoco.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ryan Lovelace Australia 2012

Ryan Lovelace will be heading to Australia next month for an all out shaping extravaganza! 

If your in Australia definitely check him out. He is the real deal and knows his history. 
Check out his website and blog for more info. In the meantime feast your eyes on these two videos of his sleds in action!

v.bowls in full effect

CD | TG from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

ThroughHull from start to finish.

Trevor and the ThrougHull from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pilgrim Surf + Supply brings the stoke back to Brooklyn.

Last night saw the return of a Brooklyn surf shop. As you know from the What Happened to Mollusk BK post, that shop closed permanently and Chris has now opened Pilgrim Surf + Supply on his own. Last nights party was a total hit. I'm on dad duty so I had to leave early but by the time I left you could hardly move because the place was so packed. Just goes to show a surf shop can grow in Brooklyn even on a frosty February night.

The view from Wythe Ave.

I arrived early to try and score some shots before the crowd arrived. The space is very impressive in size and design. There are a lot of nice architectural details such as wooden floors, big storefront windows and a wavy ceiling that caught me by surprise. The Surf part of the equation is lined up nicely on a long wall visible from the street. The Supply is coming and should fill out the shop soon.

 Window full of fins. View from N 3rd Street

This was the first view of the shop when walking up Wythe. Having a center to talk story about surf was badly missed. Seeing fins in the window light up like jewels was a sight for sore eyes. The vibe was almost like a reunion. There was a lot of "hey how have you been" and "hey it's been a while". It's not everyday that we all get to run into each other. Surfing in New York means you surf in a lot of places. Some travel further out on Long Island, others hop on down to dirty Jersey for the perfect right hand barrels. In the case of the Aquatic Apes crew, we keep it local and surf the home break at Rockaway, Queens. 

Boards! On the far left: two Pendoflex quads, center: a Christenson twin, and on the right: a Gary Hanel quad and twin. 

 A long view of some long boards.

I think the name Pilgrim is a stroke of genius on Chris' part. Pilgrim means traveler or one who has come from afar. To be a surfer in New York means your probably both. New York City is mostly made up of immigrants from all over this country and the world. They say real New Yorkers come from other places. As far as I can tell that is true. I know a hand full of people that were actually born here. Being a surfer in New York is not easy, hell living in New York is not easy. To get the good surf means your traveling to bluer waters and warmer climates. Florida and Puerto Rico are quick trips on Jet Blue. California and Mexico are a little bit further.

More boards. Far left: two Gary Hanel quads, Center: a Pendoflex twin. Right: sorry I can't remember.

 Waves in the ceiling!

I was hoping to get better shots but everyone joining in the festivities showed up shortly after I did.
I'll go back in the future for a more detailed look and what Pilgrim Surf + Supply has to offer. Stay tuned!

 No surf party is complete without a Jolly Roger.