Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning of the Earth Live in Sydney

The magical locations, the beyond-epic waves, the leashless single fin boards, the dancing transition-era style of riders like Lopez, Young, Peterson, the spiritual consciousness that creeps out from between the frames and embedded in the soulful original songs and yearning captured in brilliant guitar playing.

That alone would make the film a classic. However, filmmaker Albee Fazon even transcends this, by framing his work as a kind of love poem to the Earth that also manages to ask important questions about life and human values.

Playing this weekend in a restored print and some of the original musicians on hand to perform the songs live.

Thanks to Damion Fuller at Board Collector for the tip, and to Justin for turning me on to the film. Feeling the pain to be here in NYC.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

McCallum at Saturdays

I popped over to Saturdays in Soho to check out the new shipment of McCallum boards. I was not disappointed and it was well worth the trip on this soggy day. I am really taken with the stand up spoon. Holly Crap does it look like a great go to board for spring/summer. There is a ton of volume in the middle for paddling then tappers down to a nice modern thin rail for ripping waves with more bite. If I had the cash I would have picked it up on the spot. Judging on looks and feeling alone my gut says this is a 67th St. ripper. 

Shot of the MFord through the window.

 MFord in red.

MFord quads on far left. Stand Up Spoon quads on far right.

 Stand Up Spoon: image Saturdays

  Stand Up Spoon: image McCallum Surfboards

  Stand Up Spoon: image McCallum Surfboards

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Surf Sista

For those who read Intruder in the Surf by Surf Sista you know she recently busted her ankle and needs expensive surgery. Josh Aggars has created a campaign to help her out as she has no insurance.
Follow this link to help. Heal Mary Mills aka Surf Sista.

photo from Intruder in the Surf.

Shit Surfers Say

It's funny cause it's true.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cold Local Barrels from Thursday!

Aw, yeh.

It's not everyday that you meet a legend

Serendipity was the call of the day. This was shot at the Greater LA show last May during the same weekend as the Fish Fry. I was on the L to Manhattan when I looked up to see a familiar face. I introduced myself then Richard asked what I was up to. I mentioned the show and he decided to come along to check it out. Epic!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Korduroy TV did it!

Congrats to the bros at Korduroy TV. They met their goal and will be kicking off the new site soon. 

Peep the note from Cy.

Mega shakas all around!

The 15th Burleigh Singlefin festival

I pulled this from Dead Kooks. Looks like a fun event.

15th Annual Single Fin Festival Burleigh Heads from Billabong on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Happened to Mollusk BK?

I know a lot of us are wondering what happened to Mollusk BK after closing from their River St location in WB Brooklyn. For me that shop means a lot. It's a real place for the NYC surf community to gather and celebrate surfing in all of it's forms. There is something to be said when you can walk into a shop and talk about boards with out feeling any sales pressure. Just stoke for surfing and the art of shaping.

Mollusk BK is done and the new shop will open as Pilgrim Surf and Supply. I think the name is perfect for a NYC shop. Most of us New Yorkers are pilgrims in some way and we all make the pilgrimage to the ocean whether it be Rochaway or a far off destination is search of surf!

I was cruising the NYNJ Surf forums and found this today. Chris, the owner chimed in on What's up with Mollusk.

Hello Everyone.

Thanks for all the kind words and your patience while we get the doors back open at our new Location on North 3rd and Wythe.
A few things have changed such as our name and the size of the store but we're still hosting a wide (and wider) board selection, more wetsuits and a good selection of hearty costal outerwear and accessories. We've been working hard on the space and think its going to function even better for our community of surfers in NYC. 
Our old partners in Mollusk are still in our family and we'll hopefully continue a dialog with the west coast through them. Pilgrim Surf and Supply is going to be more locally relevant than the previous shop and I hope everyone here will come out and say hello when we open the doors...which will hopefully be in mid to late January. (yes, i know... just about the worst time to reopen a surf shop in NYC!) I'm super excited to see you guys many friends have been made through our little shop and I miss you all sincerely!
I'll be sure to post our opening Party date very soon..I think we'll have a couple very special guests at that too...

You guys make it easy to love our little community of surf. 


Happy holidays and see you soon!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The California Surf Project

I really love artworks that speak to a broader range of experiences and deeper resonances of the wave riding life. Some of them are best expressed in words. For others, words fail, but a single picture tells the whole story.

I'm lucky someone special made sure this book found it's way to Santa, and that I haven't been too naughty. Because it contains an abundance of drop dead gorgeous photography, interlaced with some really lovely writing and stories.

The book's young creators used the prize money from a photo contest to propel a 50-day top to bottom California surf trip in a 1978 pop-top VW van. The California Surf Project documents their thousand mile journey, containing the kind of honest stories (from surfer and writer Eric Soderquist) that have the unmistakable ring of truth, with the ups, downs, ambiguous and often funny experiences of the vagabond. It also glints a bit of a reflection of America itself, from the mystical and wilder corners of the north coast, through green barrels, odd characters and more frequent run ins with authority in the densely populated south. Chris Burkard's photographs are the highlight, evoking a vivid sense of place and spectacular range of the ocean's moods, many in lonelier corners of the state that can't help but tug at the emotions and longings of an urban dweller and lost country boy like me.

The book also includes a companion DVD with some off-the-cuff super 8 and video footage of the trip, set to a fittingly quirky soundtrack, which ends, in a nod to Mexico, with a very funny "Mariachi" skateboarding sequence. Thanks Santa, I'm stoked.