Monday, April 23, 2012

One Board Shaped!

Location: Outer Banks, NC
One foam blank
Jigsaw, hand saw and rasp
No wood, nails or screws

But add 13 crazy artists + craftspeople and a DIY vibe, and what happens?

 A raid of a nearby construction site dumpster for some plywood scraps

 No nails?  No problem!

Enter the blank, kindly supplied by Brian Gagliana at Greenlight Surfboard Supply along with glass, resin and basic hand tools.

Jake puttin his back into it.

At left: chief instigator Ant.  At right: Jamie. This is his first stab at shaping, but as a sculptor is well at home working with various shapes and materials.

Final touches.

Done!  Total time elapsed, including shaping stand construction: 2 hrs.

Next up, art and glassing!


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