Monday, September 17, 2012

Post Paipopolis

We had small nicely formed waves, fun for all and with these wooden english style boards we could put ourselves into little tubes. I won't lie it gave me goosebumps walking into the water that morning followed by a bunch of other people carrying wooden boards. I hope this becomes the habit not the exception.  I feel like these boards help everyone realize the stoke of wave riding within minutes of taking them out. New surfers you don't have to feel frustrated, these provide instant gratification.

Thanks Sally for coming out all the way from England and sharing your new line of 2012 boards. Everyone seemed to have a favorite. Mine was the striped "Ferrari." It rode like butter sliding across a hot griddle!

Thanks Matthew, Glenn and David for bringing their quivers and creations. Thanks Christian for filming and thanks to everyone who showed up and had fun!

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