Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paipopolis drops on the metropolis Sunday September 22nd.

Paipo: noun - Any wooden prone-ridden surf-craft 

SERVICE ALERT the A switches to shuttle bus at Euclid to JFK tomorrow.

Make your way to the 67th street stop on the A train in Far Rockaway on the morning of the 22nd. I will try to be there earlyish (8ish) and will be there the rest of the day. Roll in when you want. 

Directions: Walk to the beach, all the way to the water and make a left and walk downtown. Stop when you run into some folks with lots of wooden and alternative craft.  If you have walked past the last jetty then you have gone too far. We will probably be between the 62nd and 65th st jetties. if not there then between 62nd and 59th.

Bring paipos, bellyboards, handplanes, mats, spoons, alaias and anything else you want to share! contact me at Will update on this blog if weather or other factors get in the way of the event. If you need a wetsuit, you can rent one at Breakwater below the 67th st subway station.

Photos from last year:


  1. Hope Paipopolis 2013 went well - sorry not to be there - but happy memories of 2012 - hoping to have film footage to view soon