Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Water Bros 4th Annual Surf Fest In Newport RI.

I took the family to the Water Bros 4th Annual Surf Fest over the weekend. Good times were had by all. It was cool to see so many classic boards and chat with other surfers. I recently moved to South County Rhode Island and will be posting on events and happenings from a New England perspective. Justin and Freaky Born Wings will hold it down on all things NYC. Enjoy the pics!

Providence's own Spirare Surfboards. Kevin has a full lineup of EPS core wood boards along with PU boards. I was checking out the quad pictured on the table above.

Vintage skateboards anyone?!

Stoked to run into an Aquatic Apes favorite, Mike from Grain Surfboards. They made the trip down from Main to show off some new goodies. The keel fish had my attention along with their new Pig model. Mike also informs me that they recently developed a killer noserider. Be on the lookout for that!

If you're in New England than you need to know about Vec Surfboards. I spent quite a bit of time talking with Shaw about his finless design and longboards. At some point in the near future I'm going to demo that finless board! 

Hanging out with Matthew and Joanna of East Surf Co. was a total bright spot at the event. I originally met them at the first Brooklyn Surf Flea then out in the lineup at Rockaway. I have come to be a real fan of their wax and use it exclusively whenever I can. At the surf fest they were featuring their new Wax Tool hand cut out of American Walnut. Yeah they are sweet functional objects so I showed some love and pick one up. 


I saw a few short and fat old vee bottoms that look like they would be a blast to surf. See them got the gears turning on a future custom form a yet to be determined shaper.

New York surf history with this Rick Rasmussen stick!

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  1. Quite a paipo collection. Is is possible to make contact with the owner/collector/enthusiast?