Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mick Mackie is coming to Glide in New Jersey

In just about two weeks Mick Mackie will be at the Heavens (Glide Surf Co.'s glass shop) in New Jersey making a hand full of side cut fish and flex tail fish. Mackie shapes out of Australia and is known for his innovations within the fish strain of surfboards that have come from his experiments with Winterstick swallowtail snowboards. Read this short interview that he did with Andrew Kidman for more info. Also here is a more recent interview with Mackie on Black Gold.

I have my deposit in for a side cut flex tail keel fish. I'm excited to have to opportunity to get one and can't wait to ride it when the points are doing their thing.

photo: Mackie website

photo: Mackie Instagram.

photo: Mackie Instagram

 photo: Mackie Instagram

photo: Mackie Instagram