Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Hope at the New York Surf Film Festival

This post is long overdue but I was on the move. A few of us took in a screening of Andrew Kidman's Last Hope. The film is a collection of 16 shorts that portray our connection to the water. As children, as seventies aussie surfers, as northeast winter surfers, as defenders of the past, as outsiders. Kidman and band played during some of the shorts and obviously the live sound gave it that "Oomph" that only a live performance gives. If I could decree something it would be that all surf films need to be accompanied by live music. What better way than to get transported, elevated into that celluloid tube ride...

1 comment:

  1. Highly memorable. The band put their heart and soul into the music and with the images made for a transcendent evening.

    So...when we gonna screen some Albee Fazon? You fix the venue, I'll pull together some musicians by this fall. When the folks down under get word they'll surely send us tickets to the Gold Coast.