Friday, February 25, 2011

North County San Diego

I Just returned form a trip to LA. While there, I took a day and went surfing with my old friend Greg Mocilnikar. Greg is a hell of a surfer/artist and has Southern California surf breaks dialed in. Our morning session was at Pipes in San Elijo State Park. There was hardly any wind, the sky was clear and there was only a handful of people out. Good vibes all the way around. After our lunch break of pizza and beer at Pizza Port in Solana Beach, we stopped at Surfy Surfy. I'm a huge fan of the blog and felt like a little kid in a toy store. I was able to check out boards that are hard to come by on the east coast. The Gary Hanel Garibaldi Egg looks like it will take on Rockaway with a vengeance. After checking out many a surfboard, Greg and I started cruising the coast for an afternoon surf session. We popped in at Swami's but there was too much wind so we ended up back at Pipes. Catching waves while watching the sun set over the Pacific with an old friend was a great experience. I wish I had more pics of the waves at Pipes but we were so stoked to go surfing no one thought to take any.

J.P. is a really nice dude.

The view of Swami's from the parking lot behind The Self Realization Center.

Back view of The Self Realization Center from the parking lot.

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