Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fineline arrived

The day finally arrived! My custom 6"8 Fineline Egg came in! Here are some pics.


This is not your average egg.

The front has a little hull to it.

No Egg is compleate without a Greenoough A4 fin.

Looks like Freaky Born Wings and I have some new boards to check out once some waves show up! I'm hoping for some good swell for the fall. I plan to write a lengthy review once I have a chance to ride it in different conditions.

P.S. Thanks to Brian Hilbers for shaping a terrific board and thanks to the Mollusk Brooklyn crew for helping me find my way to the right board.


  1. Sweet man! Look forward to seeing you take that for a spin!!

  2. i bought a 6'10'' egg board recently, but with a wider nose than yours. i'm wondering what fins size you use? how does the a4 work? have you ever tried any fins with even more felx? regards noople

  3. Hi noople, the fin pictured above is an 8" a4. It worked fine without the side bites but was still a bit stiff. Fins are like religion so it's a person preference. I ended up liking the 7" L flex. It has a smaller base that the a4 and is more flexible. Works great with or without side bites. I prefer flow and flex so I ride without the bites. Hope this helps.