Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Progress Project Surfboard Bag

The Progress Project eco-friendly, recycled billboard surfboard bag.


When it came time to purchase a board bag for the Egg, I looked in all the usual places online and really was not satisfied with my choices. While clicking around, my friend Vanessa in LA recommended Wave Tribe as a place to find products that are made with sustainability in mind. Sustainability is near and dear to my heart so I checked it out with a gusto. Through Wave Tribe I found board bags made out of used billboards by The Progress Project. After I placed my order with WT I receved an email from Noah at TPP to get the details of my board and asked about my color preferences. I sent along some paint chips then he sent back samples that came within the range. After looking into TPP a little bit more, I found more reasons to be stoked about what they are doing. They are a small family-owned business that believes in sustainability and giving back to the community. They actually sponsor students and give 5% off profits to non-profits and charities. As a way to keep their business model supportive of our economy, they only use materials made is the US and subcontract to US companies. Needless to say TPP has a great busness model... but what about the product?  

The build quality is on par with the best bags on the market, if not better. The billboard material is inherently weather-proof. The seams are all double-stitched and the pad for the shoulder strap matches the bag – really nice attention to detail. The bag is constructed with recycled PET zipper & binding nylon stitching, padded with 1/8" closed cell foam. It is UV-treated, tear- and mildew-resistant. When I first unpacked the bag and looked it over I had the sense that whoever made it really put a lot of thought into it. There are places where a small company can cut corners to keep profits up, but none were evident here. Just a solid product made with care. 


The zippers are all heavy duty, stainless steel YKK zip pulls. The opening is big enough to easily and comfortably slide the board in. There is a nice little tail pocket that keeps everything snug and in place. A little further into the bag is a fair-sized pocket with a velcro seal to hold smaller items like wax, side bites and sunscreen. There is a small tab at the nose to help move the bag around while traveling. The center fin slot is fully adjustable with zippers on both ends and a reinforced tab at the base.

The end result is a sturdy thoughtful and well-made bag that I look forward to using. The best part is the bag has a lifetime warranty. How is that for confidence? The process of working with Noah was a real pleasure. I received emails informing me where things were in the process and when I could expect the bag the arrive. It's the little personal things that make all the difference. They even signed and addressed the bag to me. Now I have a real attachemnt to the bag and the people who made it. I'm  a fan! And they don't just make board bags. They also make messenger bags, laptop bags and even iPad covers, which I have my eye on. Like them on Facebook and see what it's all about.

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