Friday, February 3, 2012

Pilgrim Surf + Supply brings the stoke back to Brooklyn.

Last night saw the return of a Brooklyn surf shop. As you know from the What Happened to Mollusk BK post, that shop closed permanently and Chris has now opened Pilgrim Surf + Supply on his own. Last nights party was a total hit. I'm on dad duty so I had to leave early but by the time I left you could hardly move because the place was so packed. Just goes to show a surf shop can grow in Brooklyn even on a frosty February night.

The view from Wythe Ave.

I arrived early to try and score some shots before the crowd arrived. The space is very impressive in size and design. There are a lot of nice architectural details such as wooden floors, big storefront windows and a wavy ceiling that caught me by surprise. The Surf part of the equation is lined up nicely on a long wall visible from the street. The Supply is coming and should fill out the shop soon.

 Window full of fins. View from N 3rd Street

This was the first view of the shop when walking up Wythe. Having a center to talk story about surf was badly missed. Seeing fins in the window light up like jewels was a sight for sore eyes. The vibe was almost like a reunion. There was a lot of "hey how have you been" and "hey it's been a while". It's not everyday that we all get to run into each other. Surfing in New York means you surf in a lot of places. Some travel further out on Long Island, others hop on down to dirty Jersey for the perfect right hand barrels. In the case of the Aquatic Apes crew, we keep it local and surf the home break at Rockaway, Queens. 

Boards! On the far left: two Pendoflex quads, center: a Christenson twin, and on the right: a Gary Hanel quad and twin. 

 A long view of some long boards.

I think the name Pilgrim is a stroke of genius on Chris' part. Pilgrim means traveler or one who has come from afar. To be a surfer in New York means your probably both. New York City is mostly made up of immigrants from all over this country and the world. They say real New Yorkers come from other places. As far as I can tell that is true. I know a hand full of people that were actually born here. Being a surfer in New York is not easy, hell living in New York is not easy. To get the good surf means your traveling to bluer waters and warmer climates. Florida and Puerto Rico are quick trips on Jet Blue. California and Mexico are a little bit further.

More boards. Far left: two Gary Hanel quads, Center: a Pendoflex twin. Right: sorry I can't remember.

 Waves in the ceiling!

I was hoping to get better shots but everyone joining in the festivities showed up shortly after I did.
I'll go back in the future for a more detailed look and what Pilgrim Surf + Supply has to offer. Stay tuned!

 No surf party is complete without a Jolly Roger.


  1. i went by yesterday, but there was construction paper up on all the windows again. do you know when this will open to the public for business?

  2. Hey Alias, I'll find out and post in the comments here. This was a party to get everyone excited and take a sneak peek.
    Should be soon!

  3. Pilgrim Surf+Supply is now officially open to the public. I stopped by this afternoon and it looks great! All the gear you need for surfing at home and for those rugged excursions.

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