Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Happened to Mollusk BK?

I know a lot of us are wondering what happened to Mollusk BK after closing from their River St location in WB Brooklyn. For me that shop means a lot. It's a real place for the NYC surf community to gather and celebrate surfing in all of it's forms. There is something to be said when you can walk into a shop and talk about boards with out feeling any sales pressure. Just stoke for surfing and the art of shaping.

Mollusk BK is done and the new shop will open as Pilgrim Surf and Supply. I think the name is perfect for a NYC shop. Most of us New Yorkers are pilgrims in some way and we all make the pilgrimage to the ocean whether it be Rochaway or a far off destination is search of surf!

I was cruising the NYNJ Surf forums and found this today. Chris, the owner chimed in on What's up with Mollusk.

Hello Everyone.

Thanks for all the kind words and your patience while we get the doors back open at our new Location on North 3rd and Wythe.
A few things have changed such as our name and the size of the store but we're still hosting a wide (and wider) board selection, more wetsuits and a good selection of hearty costal outerwear and accessories. We've been working hard on the space and think its going to function even better for our community of surfers in NYC. 
Our old partners in Mollusk are still in our family and we'll hopefully continue a dialog with the west coast through them. Pilgrim Surf and Supply is going to be more locally relevant than the previous shop and I hope everyone here will come out and say hello when we open the doors...which will hopefully be in mid to late January. (yes, i know... just about the worst time to reopen a surf shop in NYC!) I'm super excited to see you guys many friends have been made through our little shop and I miss you all sincerely!
I'll be sure to post our opening Party date very soon..I think we'll have a couple very special guests at that too...

You guys make it easy to love our little community of surf. 


Happy holidays and see you soon!


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