Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glide Surf Company

Last weekend we packed up the family in the car and drove over to Glide Surf Company located in Normandy Beach, New Jersey. Looking at their website I could tell I would enjoy this shop and the emphasis on curating quality boards and merchandise.

I must admit that my motive for going was to feel up some Lovelace boards. It's hard to know about a shapers boards without actually giving the boards a once over. Once we arrived we were greeted with a warm hello from Phil the owner. We immediately started looking at boards and talking shop. It's clear that Phil loves surfing and is knowledgeable about the boards he carries and the shapers he works with.

The racks are stocked with a nice selection of quality boards great for surfing the local breaks. Shapers currently in the racks include: AJW Surfboards, Christenson, Peninsula Holding Co., Ryan Lovelace Surf|Craft and Sea Tribe Shred Sleds.

It's all in the details and I was really impressed to see the surfboard horse waiting and ready for business. All I did was ask about a board and Phil enthusiastically pulled it from the racks and onto the horse. It's heartening to be in a shop that cares about the products they carry and the customer experience.

In the surfboards category Glide gets an A+ for quality of selection and a working knowledge of the boards. In the clothing category Glide also scores high offering stylish picks for both women and men. The proof is in the pudding because while I was busy drooling over boards, C was shopping and it was not just for a new T-shirt. She scored a nice sweater and some cool leggings. I plan on shopping for cloths on the next trip. 

Glide gets it right by catering to both the core surfers and your everyday beach goer. It's a nice change of pace from the average shop that is filled with all the same stuff from the same big companies. Boutique shops can sometimes alienate the average everyday surfer by not offering enough variety in products and with a snooty attitude. That is not the case here.

I found Glide to be warm and welcoming. They offer everything you might need from wetsuits, fins, wax, leashes, tail pads and so much more. You don't have to ride a longboard or a fish to feel at home here. I of course took home a new Lovelace ThrougHull which I'm very excited about! My experience was a great one. I enjoyed the vibe of the shop and meeting Phil who is a great guy filled with stoke. Glide feels the way a local shop should. Go check them out!


  1. Nice fin selection. Would like to demo that Christianson old-school "D" model.

    1. Your coming with me the next time I head that way!