Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joel and Sam's Excellent SB Alaia Adventure

Long overdue, thanks Joel!

Hey Dude,

We made the board mostly at my dad's shop. Finished and oiled it up here. Took it out twice that week with my bro and it was cool. the board felt good, and got slippery in the water. I caught a few prone, and Sam caught a bunch and stood on quite a few. many times when he started to stand up it would do a 180 by the time he was up, but he was able to ride it normally on a few. Then we reshaped in Fallbrook again last weekend. Made the curves underneath more pronounced, and gave it a fish tail. I took it out on Tuesday, I think in some fun shorebreak at pesky's(in IV close to campus). I was paddling into some, and jumping in to others. Then on a nosedive it hit sand, and when it came up there was a chunk missing from the nose. It broke at a weak spot we knew was there. Anyway, I'll cut about a foot off the nose, and it should be about my height 6'3". After the first day we tried it, Sam wanted to get started on the other blank to make a board about that long with a fish tail, but decided to wait and ride this one a little more, And I've been eager to try a shorter one too, so I think it's fine. Sam's in one of these pictures. There's also a picture of a bar of surfboard wax Dean(my dad) and I made from pine resin we collected around the property, beeswax, I think that my dad got from the property too, and some coconut oil. It's not supposed to plasticise the linseed oil on the board the way regular wax can I guess. It says"wholesome goodness" from the cat food container we cast it in. Ha ha.

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