Friday, March 18, 2011


2003 Wategos, Byron Bay with Domenico and a sweet 9'2" longboard that I bought for a month. It snapped at Tallow Beach on a powerful wipeout. My pal Andreas, a German working and traveling in Oz, drove me to an industrial park outside of town in his van where I got the board repaired and got a chance to visit Mctavish Surfboards.

2006 Santa Barbara. This will probably be the last custom board I'll ever have shaped. Hunt Customs 8' egg. It was a blast but my heart was stolen by a Neumatic surfmat.
just remembering my past boards this evening. funny how length gave way to surfmats and bodysurfing.


  1. Nice to see some shining moments from the memory trove. Looks like some smooth riding on the lefty coast vibe...!

  2. the west coast was sweet, even sweeter in the memories.