Monday, April 18, 2011

Larry Mabile 5'3" GHOSTBUSTER

Today my obsession got the better of me and I bit the bullet. I get a call from my man at Mollusk that some Larry Mabile boards just arrived so I went on down to check it out. I left with this 5'3" Ghostbuster in collaboration with hydrodynamica. Just waiting for the other fins to arrive to make this thing a twinzer. I love this board and can't wait to take it out! Check back in a month or so for a report.

Great outline.



Itching to make this a twinzer.

The wings are sick. Crazy bottom turns coming up!

Scooped nose.

More wings.


Glass-on Larry Gephart fins.

High aspect fins on the Mini Simmons + the flex in the wood = crazy turns.

Yep, time to dial this thing in.


  1. hope you'll give me a turn ;)

  2. Actually Justin, I can't wait to watch you kneeboard this!

  3. Man, that made my day. I wanna see you poppin the cherry on that!

  4. Hey what is your size for reference? I am also looking to add a ghostbuster to my quiver. hope you enjoy it!

  5. Desmond, I'm just over 6' and about 165 lbs.
    I have not taken this out yet but have no doubt that it will be amazing.
    Here are the full dems L. 5'3" W. 22" D. 2-3/4". Keep an eye out for my review of the board in about a month or so. Just got the twinzer fins today!

  6. I bought a 5'6" that's a little over 22" wide, love it. I ride it 90% of the time in North County SD. Would be interesting to hear our review.

    1. It's like riding a skateboard. I did things on waves that I didn't know I could do. Definitely a different feeling. Oh and did I mention it's fast? Cause it's way fast and loose.