Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quiverito, Mexico

Meet MariLee and Joshua (not pictured), a friendly couple who run the shed-sized Quiverito in Sayulita, Mexico. In a local ecosystem largely dominated by soft-tops, SUPs, and mass-produced longboards, they're committed to only dealing in retro, weird, and handmade shapes. Stumbling across this place was like walking into a time machine.

Being something of a board history dilettante, I can do little more than present some evidence.

From left:
Skip Frye 6'6 tri-fin
Bruce Jones 5'8 twin fish
Bing 5'4 twin fish
1980 Fibrecraft 5'6 twin
1980 G&S 5'9 twin

Pearson Arrow 5'10 Stubie twin. Dang, what do you call that tail?

And check out this fat tail! Who's got the 411 on this vintage KR 5'8 twin?

Now the last bit of board porn, which I somehow forgot to photograph, was this fat old school Town and Country single fin shortboard that looked like some Larry Bertleman joint. I would have loved to take that for a spin, but the waves didn't seem like the type you'd want to ride it on. Maybe someday I'll get on that.

The best board I actually rode down there was a San Miguel, a Mexican shaped quad fish I rented from Surf&Roll. I'm new to that species, but it was seriously like trading in a Cessna for a fighter plane. It was like meeting a friend I knew in a past life. It was like crack. I can't sleep until I get more.

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