Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Stoke in Ohio

I was in Ohio for most of last week. Every time I go I stop by a Half Price Books to pillage their art section. For fun I looked to see if they had any books on surfing and to my pleasant surprise they did. They had three so I got all three. The biggest score is Surfboards by Guy Motil. It's a history book of surfboard shape and design. The other two Surfin'ary and Surfing the World I got for fun. Surfin'ary looks like a fun read. It's a look at surf slang and its influence on american english and beyond. A quote from the book "Howzit, brah? The surf was epic today, fully making double overhead corduroy to the horizon. Now it's all burgery. Think I'll jet to the food hut and grab a burrito and some sweet nectar. Latronic dude. Translation: The surf was great, now it's not, let's eat." Surfing the World is total eye candy surf porn.

The image of the 1940's Bob Simmons alone is worth the price of the book.

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