Monday, September 19, 2011

Come Hell or High Water - Premiere at NY Surf Film Festival

Ain't nothin' better than watching a surf film at a theater so you can hoot and holler in unison...


Keith Malloy admitted in the Q and A after the film that he and his crew had just finished the film 3 days ago and had still been out shooting two weeks earlier. That only made me appreciate this ode to bodysurfing that much more. Touching, humorous with jaw dropping drops, paired with great songs, it was a complete surf movie experience.

The underwater footage was mesmerizing, waves breaking with white bubbly fog engulfing grinning aqua men. My favorite shot was when several surfers were lined up underwater moving with the energy of the wave like a school of fish. It's an image I will store in the noggin' for sometime until age and seawater wipe it out.

As a group bodysurfers are literally the lowest in the surfing hiearchy but that actually makes them closest to the water and there is something to that. They're keeping it simple and they know that having fun is all that really matters.

See. This. Movie.

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  1. Would love to have been there. Looking forward to the DVD release! Looks like a great way to keep the stoke alive in the winter.