Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Surfboard Project: Final Chapter

(continued from Day 2: Art and Glassing)

Aaron knew his way around fins from prior experience, so after a bit of input from Albert, Ant, and others on placement, he and Max used 5 minute epoxy to get them attached to the board.  It took a bit longer than 5 minutes, but eventually they set.  We toed them in slightly - appx 1/4 to 1/2".  We had previously worked out the cant by eye and sanded the base at that angle.

We started to run out of daylight, but we had time to get two layers of glass on the outside of the fins.  Very important to get the air bubbles out, particularly on the base where it's easy to push the glass and create an air pocket.  Aaron here using a brush and generous helpings of resin to keep it nice and solid.  We did end up with an air pocket along one fin edge, which I fixed by cutting holes at each end and squeezing some fresh resin through with my fingers.  Then I copied Aaron's technique today and glassed the inside edges.

Making the leash loop.  Greenlight included a modern leash plug but lacking the tools, we found it easier to go old school with fiberglass rope.  I also find I prefer the way it looks.  The wax crayon is just something I found laying around that maintained the hole.  Once this cured - just a few minutes in the hot sun -  I went to town with my sander and got the edges and uneven patches into rough shape.

Everyone took a turn waxing the board and almost before we had begun to celebrate, Ant threw the board in his van: "Let's go!"

A few of us took turns, and with the sun going down, Albert dropped into a wave and threw a fat bucket of spray at me.  Mission accomplished!  The feeling is just unbelievable. It feels like a dream, that we accomplished this in a few days during a surf trip, and now there is a board that we will pass between us in the years to come, that will carry with it the unique memory of our time together.  Big, big ups to Brian Gagliana, and all the crew at Green Light Surfboard Supply for making this amazing experience possible.  GNASHERS USA!

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