Monday, April 2, 2012

Rockaway Gets a Surf Shop

Well, not the first to cater to NYC's home break, but what was formerly a mediocre surf shop, fueled primarily by its cash cow board locker business, has busted down an adjoining wall, doubled its size, and been given a new life.  Have a look at the new Boarders Surf Shop.

More of everything, most notably boards. (Click then drag on panorama below to view 360.  Yes, the boards are actually in one pano app bugs out sometimes.)

And definitely showing off more interesting shapes.  Justin scopes out a Matador noserider, that resembles something more commonly seen at the end of a spear.

Some classic local pics, including a noseriding soul arch that probably hasn't been seen in these parts in about 40 years.  Finally, for the confused and dangerous (of which there is never a shortage in these waters), someone has finally printed Rules.  And for those with Paipo fever, ladies and gents, start banging your cowbell!

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