Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Quad fish delivered!

I've never had anyone make anything to order like this before, so I'm pretty excited as you can imagine. I had trouble making it out to Sayville, so Shawna from Nature's Shapes kindly dropped it off. Thanks Shawna!

Yeah Mike. That's a pretty outline. I was considering some tint but I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Low rocker with a little kick in the nose.

Flat bottom.

Deep swallowtail.

Slight vee in the tail.

Send some waves, please. Soon.


  1. Ooooo la la!! That is nice!! I've yet to try a fish. That's one I'd probably want in my quiver!

  2. there might be a bump on monday coming through, i am sure you are dying to give that fish a go ;)

  3. I've been checking the report hourly for the last 3 days, trying to grow that molehill into a mountain! You coming out?

    And nice to see you round these parts, Surfsister. Next time you're out in the waves next to someone on a fish, Beg a Bro. It might pay off! Just remember to ride it off the front foot.