Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have to see this film. Single finz!

tracking a new surfing film by jimmy james kinnaird - trailer from James Kinnaird on Vimeo.

Tracking - a new surfing film by Jimmy James Kinnaird

featuring Ellis, Ericson, Jason Salisbury, Niah and Mia

supported by Deus.

Heavily influenced by the transitional period in surfing , specifically 69, 70, 71..
follow our voyage as Ellis and Salsa hand-shape single fin trackers and surf them through wild indonesia with there gals.
"tap into the source and feel the juice"

via Endless Wave blog.


  1. Looks great. There seems to me something magic and sexy about how a single fin asks us to move our bodies, less upper body twisting and more hips. Singles are really sensual to me and almost spiritual, you need to put your whole spine & all them shakras into play.

  2. Well said my man. There is something about it that feels right. It's not just about planting you foot on the back and ripping a big turn. You have to engage to whole board to make it work. There is no fin cluster to stabilize you so you have to move around and engage to rails and know when to release to get speed. I agree that it's almost spiritual. That's why I go into the ocean, it's my meditation and way to commune with the planet.